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What was our motivation for Pearlena’s?

Pearlena’s  Adult Activity Center was born out of love and compassion in memory of our mother and  grandmother ”Pearlena”.  Pearlena was born on April 2, 1922 in Texas and was deceased Thursday, July 27th, 1989.  She was a very strong, loving and compassionate person who demanded her independence. She enjoyed doing housework, gardening, visiting her children (Lillian, Howard, Arlena, Billy) and taking daily walks. Pearlena was a hard worker who exhibited a high level of integrity and dedication to her belief in God.  She truly expressed agape love for all people, especially children and seniors. She was always there for her family and really lived the life of a virtuous woman.  Unable to drive herself, she enjoyed Sunday afternoon drives throughout the city with her granddaughter and husband. We honor her memory today and everyday by sharing our love through motivation and active participation to help other seniors enjoy life to its fullest. Come and “LIVE IT UP A LITTLE” with us!  
DISCLAIMER Use of our facility is at your own risk.  All clients or guests must have medical clearance to participate.  We are NOT responsible for items brought into the facility.