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“Through motivation, adoration and active participation, seniors

will enjoy a better quality of life”

Live it Up !

Gone are the days of staring out of a window while in a rocking chair.  Today’s mature seniors are intelligent, independent, social and forward- thinking individuals.  Due to many new advances in medical technology, life expectancy is joyfully rising.  More and more of our mature seniors want a better quality of social interaction as well as mental/emotional stimulation.  Pearlena's Adult Activity Center is your quality answer for you and your loved ones.  We offer SmartBoard@ computerized assisted activities for those interested.  Computer access, Board games, card games and full activity schedule of events to keep your loved ones happy, as well as mentally and emotionally stimulated. Not to mention socially connected to others. We offer Nutritional meals and snacks approved by a Licensed Nutritionist.  We accommodate medically necessary special diets. Our mission is: To provide older adults an opportunity to receive mental, emotional, social, and physical stimulation. We offer activites such as: (see our complete Activities List) Arts and crafts Musical entertainment and sing-a-longs Mental stimulation games such as bingo, jeopardy, gestures Stretching or other gentle exercise Discussion groups (books, films, current events) Holiday and birthday celebrations Local outings Benefits consist of: A safe, secure environment in which to spend the day Enjoyable and educational activities Improvement in mental and physical health Enhanced or maintained level of independence Socialization and peer support Nutritious meals and snacks, approved by a Licensed Nutritionist We accomodate medically necessary special diets Our Center Staffing consists of: Administrator Activity Coordinator  Registered LPN Director of Operations IT Director maintaining computer network, communication systems
DISCLAIMER Use of our facility is at your own risk.  All clients or guests must have medical clearance to participate.  We are NOT responsible for items brought into the facility.