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The Team

Arlena Chisholm - Owner

I watched my mother work extremely hard throughout my childhood and once I became of age, requested her to move in with me and my family so that she would be able to enjoy the rest of her life. Being a very independent woman, she declined my request and remained self reliant still focused on work with very little enjoyment. My mother died at the age of 63,  too soon! I have had a concern for Seniors who idly live alone for many years, desiring to create a place where they could frequent to socialize with others and participate in activities that will add value to their lives.  My love/adoration for Seniors and my desire to honor my mother's memory has been my long term motivation for this awesome opportunity. I am excited and thankful to be able to offer Seniors a place to come for peaceful fun and social interaction.

Katrina Osborne - Administrator

I am so excited about this new entrepreneur opportunity to minister to God’s people. It is a blessing to be able to encourage others to have a better quality of life and lift someone’s spirits. My grandmother known as “Bigmama” was a compassionate person and that passed down to me. What a gift!!! I am so proud that my mother stepped out on faith to pursue this vision. That’s love!! BIgmama was a giver and every year at Christmas she purchased me some house slippers, I ended up with every color in the rainbow. Bigmama passed in 1989 and that year at Christmas there was an unmarked box under the tree and on Christmas day I opened it and guess what it was “a pair of house shoes.”  I still believe Bigmama left them for me as she never forgot about her grandchildren and no matter how big or small she ensured to always have something to give. 

LeTroy Carter - Director of Operations

LeTroy Carter Sr. is the son of Arlena Chisolm and the brother of Katrina Osborne. As the youngest sibling, LeTroy learned the value of hard work at an early age by strong, God fearing women including his mother, sister and grandmother Pearlena. Pearlena was the strongest women he has known, shown by her faith, love for family and friends and dedication! These key characteristics were observed on a daily basis and were instilled into LeTroy at an early age to make him the man he is today. LeTroy is excited to be a part of Pearlena's Adult Activity Center to ensure everyone knows about his grandmother Pearlena and what she contributed. This is a family business that will keep her legacy going on strong for years and generations to come.
DISCLAIMER Use of our facility is at your own risk.  All clients or guests must have medical clearance to participate.  We are NOT responsible for items brought into the facility.